Manic Monday - Raise it up for Haiti

Flashbox - Munich

It's that time of year again: Ispo. Meeting up with industry partners and friends to chat about next winter and choose all our new gear.


But what do we actually love to do most? Celebrate with a party! And that's what we'll be doing on Monday, 08/02/2010 from 10pm at Flashbox in Munich (Thalkirchnerstr. 10, 80337).

In this small but fine club with its LED light concept the Pirates present a Mini Art Book Show and the DJs Loo Mapper and Mortensen care for eclectic music from the beat side of life.

Unfortunately not everyone has a reason to celebrate at the moment. What’s going on in Haiti is tragic, but how do we help by staying at home and having no more fun?


Let’s combine the two. It’s Manic Monday and we'll donate the entire entrance fee to the Glückskette

for Haiti www.glü