Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you send me stickers?

A: We are sorry we can´t send you stickers for free. But you can download the Pirate stencil to pimp up our board here.

Q: What cameras do you use ?

A: We use analog film cameras from Bolex and Arri but also digital cameras that shoot full frames.

Q: How do you get the analog film into your computer.

A: This workflow is called digitalizing - the film is transfered to a digital medium in a really big and expensive machine. A cheap way to digitalize film is to project the shots to a white wall while filming the projection with a digital camera.

Q: What camera do you think I should buy to film my own action?

A: Todays digi cameras are pretty good - almost any model will help you to make your first tries. Just go out´n´shoot! 

Q: What editing software do you use?

A: We are using Apples` Final Cut Pro - but there are other good`n`cheap editing programs for MAC and PC.

Q: I want to buy one of your films? Where can I get it?

A: Our DVDs are sold in all the leading snow/skate/surf shops around the world. We always recommend to act global but buy local. 

Q: I can´t find the Pirate product I am looking for in my local shop - where else can I get it?

A: If your local snowboard shop doesn´t have Pirate products at all you should please tell them about us. Otherwise click here

Q: What is the name of the song of one of the rider parts?

A: All information about a song can be found in the movie credits.

Q: What is the name of the song of one of the Pirate log podcasts?

A: All information about a song can be found in the end of the clip.

Q: I really love the music in a rider part. Could you send me the song?

A: Sorry we can´t - we recommend to buy it legal to support the artist. 

Q: I heard all the i-sHiNe music is free? Where is the download link?

A: Please go to the i-sHiNe website

Q: Can you give me the contact to one of the riders?

A: We are sorry we can´t give you the contact but in some special cases we can forward your email - not sure if you will get an answer.

Q: What snowboarding gear does one of the riders use?

A: If you want to find out what brand he is using please check out the rider profiles. If you want to know what product he is exactly using please check his sponsors´page

Q: I want to meet one of the riders and get a autograph - what should I do?

A: The best way to meet the riders is to visit one of our premiere tour stops.

Q: I am under 16 years old - can I come to the premiere party?

A: In most countries you might have to be 18 or 21 to enter a club - we will always consider the local law.

Q: I wanted to go to your premiere party last year but the place was sold out when I arrived. Will you have a bigger place this year?

A: If a club was sold out we always try to find some bigger place the next year. Often the tickets can be pre-purchased.