Arthur Longo

Who brought you into snowboarding? Do you still go out riding together?

I can pretty much say that my dad made me start, and yes we still go out together but I have to admit that now he is skiing.

Who was your local hero?

Guillaume Chastagniol, he was riding during the summer camps in les deux alpes, I met him when I was really young and I've always been looking up to him.

Is France the perfect place to grow up as a snowboarder?

Well I don't know, at least I'm sure it's not the worst. Don't need much if riding is your passion, I would say that a board shop and some lifts are enough. And to be honnest I've had a lot more than just that.

Where was your first video appearance with what music (local snowboard movie...)?

It was when I was 13, in one of Guillaume's movie, called Nomade. I was really proud of it, but dude the song? Was a long time ago...

How did you get your first sponsor?

Well it's only the third time that I talk about him here, but Guillaume was the one who hooked me up with Nitro.

Would you still ride as much as you can, if no one would support you (no sponsors, no filmers and photographers) ?

I think I wouldn't kill myself shaping snowparks and struggling to get free lift passes to ride everyday, but I would for sure try to get a decent amount of powder days a year.

How important is music for you in a snowboard movie?

In any movie and especially in any snowboard movie, music is essential. As you have seen, we don't talk that much.

What´s your favorite movie part ever?

I think the one of Jake Blauvelt in Forum or Against'em.


What he is doing is insane and that's what I want my snowboard to ressemble.

Have you seen the Whiskey movies?

Non. Et toi?

We saw you compete in the Olympic halfpipe event - how does it feel when million of eyes are watching you?

I've always thought that I couldn't handle doing something In front of that many people. And there it was a lot. It motivated me big time.

Are you playing any instrument or doing other arty stuff?

Let's say I've just started playing guitar, and yes it sounds like what you flush down the toilet.