Carlos Blanchard

Favourite Negative film:

Fuji 400 ph??? Not sure about the name, and Kodak ones, usually warm colours and 400 ISO, I like the results of those ones.


Favourite Dia film:

Usually I’m not shooting Dia anymore, just to make cross process or something, but back in the days I shot a lot with Fuji Sensia 100, it was the cheaper one...


Favourite BW film:

Kodak T-max 3200 and 400.


Shooting since:

2002?? But shooting the real way since this last winter, is been my first year focused 100 % in photography, before that I was still studying and doing some small trips and publications down in Spain.


Shooting for:

Love for photography.


Why do you shoot digi?

Because for some reason, snowboarding photography jumped into the highest technologies some time ago, and now it seems to be a non stop race to get the latest cameras and biggest flashes, bla bla bla. First of all I came out with my film cameras, and I still use them a lot!! but I realised that if I wanted to get make a living out of this, a digi camera will help, so..... I bought one, a second hand one, not the biggest, and not the latest, but it still helps me a lot. I have to say that for me, digital photography is just a complementary way of shooting certain things, IT IS NOT a substitute for my original way of working with film.


Why do you shoot analog?

Because of love photography, because it keeps it real, because of the feeling you get going to the photo store and not knowing what you are going to get, because it’s different from the rest, because some guys might think you are stuck in the past or something, and I love that!!! It’s great seeing yourself different from the rest, I think that’s a good point, important nowadays, can help or can not… But I still go my own way. Then, shooting film, makes its slower and difficult to get in to the snowboard market, but I’m pretty sure that at the end, the benefit you get is way more better than the economic, I’m talking about a personal way of shooting, that’s why I stay on film.


What medium do you like better and why?

Medium format???


How did you get into taking photos?

Through the most natural way, my father lent me his old Nikon F-2, I took some lessons in my home town and started shooting what I liked the most with a couple of friends. I don’t remember asking my dad for a camera, or being super excited about photography, it just came like this I think.


When was the point that you decided that freezing moments was your future?

Well, I still don’t think freezing moments are my future. I’m just doing this because I like it. I think I had two times when I got really focused on snowboard photography and that took me till today. First one was when I started publishing pictures, like 5 year ago down in Spain. That first year for me was a year of only snowboarding in my mind, then I got more opened, I lived in Barcelona for a couple of years, and that helped a lot. Then, the second moment was last winter, I was feeling a lack of motivation working on that in Spain, I was pretty sure that if I would have continued one more year there, I’ll have quit. So it was time to make a good decision, I moved my ass up to Innsbruck and I’m super happy with it!! I think I made the right choice.


On what magazine cover would you want to see your photo most?

In Speed magazine, jejeje.


What are the 3 best and worst things happening to you by being a photographer?

As everybody has read more than once, a good thing about snowboarding in general is all the people you get to know, and all the places you get to see. This year that I’ve been shooting out in Europe I’ve seen this and lived it, and is great. But from my point of view I would like to get more into it, get to know more the people you like, get real friends out of all this snowboarding is a really good profit, and is free, I mean, you don’t have to invest for that! In general, to make a living out of this will be the best thing for me, then if I get into the detail, you can tell thousand good things. About bad things...... you still can tell another thousand things if you get into the detail, but for me the worst thing in this world, is the lack of respect. I’m talking in general, not only snowboarding. I think respect is one of the most important things nowadays. And when you get into situations where you or your work is not respected, that’s not cool at all.


When was your first time on the PirateShip?

Matthieu Georges helped me out and put me in contact with Ludschi, creative director and photographer from the Pirates. He told me it was cool for me to go shoot with them, so I did it. It was a good week, I even spent more than a day alone in a completely empty apartment! At the end it was a great chance to get to know the Pirates, and well, a good start for this past winter that I’ve been shooting with them.

What do you like to shoot next to snowboarding?

I think that as long as time goes on, more ideas can get into my head, nothing is fixed for the moment, I can just have ideas from all the influences I get from everything I see. Will be difficult to say right now, I need more time to see where snowboarding brings me, and what kind of chances I get out of it, but I think that some artistic project will be cool, I have always liked to shoot the "real life". I like to "transport" this concept to worlds like music or fashion, that will be far from the normal shoots we can all think about. I like it like this.