Claudia Marclay


How did you get into creating?

My mom used to paint a lot so I was close to her art supplies and could imitate her. I think I started creating at the age of two, when I painted her black cat in white or when I draw spiders. There were a lot of spiders where we used to live.


skateboard / surfboard / snowboard?

Snowboard and since I tried surfing, I wish to live by a beach right now. We don’t have to cover us with so many stuffs. Nobody is showing up his brand new jacket, so we can see the smiles from far and have a talk till the next good wave.


last 3 books you bought?

“Veronica decide morir” from Paolo Coelho.

“Miss chaos” from Erin something. I never read it. I bought it because it was written “best seller” on the cover.

“Elf Minuten” from Paolo Coelho. I bought it in German to practice. I’ve been trying to read it for months, but reading a book and a dictionary together is not fun.


Best 3 inspirations (whatever...artists, nature, etc)?

My Parents, my own experiences, people behaviors and habits


Best music to listen to while working?

Making art is entertaining enough.


Worst thing about beeing an artist?

Being influenced.


Best thing about beeing an artist?

You can make portraits of your friends for their birthday.


What companies did you work for already?

No one.


Any interesting collaborations?

I am happy to collaborate as an artist of the international Human Pyramids collective. I applaud Hovin very loud for putting such energy on his good idea.