Danny Larsen

How did you get into creating?

I guess it's always been there, can't really remember a time when I wasn't drawing.

Skateboard / surfboard / snowboard?

Yes i skate, yes I surf the internet, yes i snowboard.

Last 3 books you bought?

hmm. that's school books. last books I got was a book about Slash form Guns N Roses, a book on legendary band MC5 and a book called the book thief I got at the airport when I was bored.

Best 3 inspirations (whatever...artists, nature, etc)?

Rock n' roll culture.

Best music to listen to while working?

Everything from classical to black metal. Usually it's my rock n' roll playlist on my ipod. Lot's of cool 60's,70's and 80' rock n roll there.

Worst thing about beeing an artist?

When you're working on something and you just get to that point where the pic isn't working anymore. You try to do something more but you can't figure out exactly what's missing, but you know that there's something missing.

Best thing about beeing an artist?

Being able to sit down and get lost for a couple of hours without noticing. You also get this weird pleasure from creating something you like to look at, like visual masturbation.

What companies did you work for already?

Random companies here and there, nothing special though. I make t-shirts for my local hill though, that's cool. Kirkerud's the shit.