Dimi Fesenko

Who brought you into snowboarding? Have you given him any thanks for his influence?

Just my boys , who is no  snowboard att all now, sure  thanks to guys.


Who was your local hero?

No heros for dimi


Where and when was your first snowboardpic published? What trick was it? did you land it?

Waas allot in russian mags,  from 97, but first in eu was in MBM, sure landed.


Where was your first video appearence with what music(local snowboardmovie...)?

Remix to tatoo


How did you get your first sponsor?

Easy, just won some contest.


Whould you still ride as much as you can, if noone would support you (no sponsors, no filmers and photographers) ?

Just from y self ,, ride pow. helly alot . spend my money for  that ,, sure


What is your favourite moment on the mountain?

Morning coffee


What is the worst time during the time on the mountain?

No bed in mountains.


How important is the time on the mountain for you?

Like sex.


How important is music for you on a snowboardmovie?

Important, but  not super much.


Favourite videopart, ever:

Not remember, depense what day  and feeling.


Give me your percentage of importance of the following factors to go snowboarding:

Have a pleasure form y self.


How did you get in contact with the PiRATE project?

It was long time ago, köffler was hook me up  with crue, danke.


How important is it for you to be a part of it?

Is  all best my friend  ,, even this some off  is rusta  snowboarders.