Eirik Haugo

Who brought you into snowboarding? Have you given him any thanks for his influence?

My two older brothers, I thank them all the time.


Who was your local hero?

My brothers and “ Olme Olve“, local madman who threw down triple backflips on natural 1/4 pipes..


Where and when was your first snowboardpic published? What trick was it? did you land it?

Norwegian Mag called Fjøl (board) About 6 years ago I think. A landed chuckflip in pipe.


Where was your first video appearence with what music(local snowboardmovie...)?

One trick in an old norwegian movie calles 2ndre brett (2nd board) the double backflip late bs180. Do not remember the music.


How did you get your first sponsor?

My friend Per started PCC (Per’s clothing company), t-shirts and stuff. Really cool stuff. My first sponsor. Contract and everything!


Whould you still ride as much as you can, if noone would support you (no sponsors, no filmers and photographers) ?

No I don’t think I have would enough money to ride that much. I would probably be boning and skating pretty much.


What is your favourite moment on the mountain?

When Olme Olve did triple backflip in the 1/4 pipe!


What is the worst time during the time on the mountain?

When you work hard on a kicker or whatever and it does’nt work out.. And injuries offcourse.


How important is the time on the mountain for you?

It’s good to get up there and just relax. Get away from everything, so pretty important  I guess.


How important is music for you on a snowboardmovie?

Very important. It can be sick riding, but then shitty music can fuck it up pretty much.   people have different taste i guess.


Favourite videopart, ever:

Is “subject haakonsen“ a videopart?



Just look at it man!!


Give me your percentage of importance of the following factors to go snowboarding:

Beeing in the nature: 30%
Having a good time with your friends:40%    
Doing your job:30%


How did you get in contact with the PiRATE project?

Santa Cruz paid for a part. Thank you!


How important is it for you to be a part of it?

It’s really cool, a big bunch of cool people hanging out and making a film. Even though ludschi can be a bit gay sometimes.



George Bush for giving me inspiration to keep on riding. Thank you George! (This was an ironic sentence you little bitches)