Fabia Laura Grüebler

How did you start snowboarding?

My Dad and I are very similar characters, when I was growing up we always butted heads. Whatever he liked I made a point of disliking. He loved skiing so I decided to snowboard. I ended up going to boarding school in Ftan/Scuol, I was able to ride every day…..snowboarding became my favorite thing to do.


What do you love most about snowboarding?

It gives me a piece of mind and I get to meet people from allover the world with all kinds of backgrounds.


Describe your Job for the Pirate Movie Production:

I guess my official tasks are PR, Sponsoring and Marketing for North America.
In other words, I try to help the Pirates to conquer NA :-) Since I am based out of Whistler I also assist riders and filmers whit film and PR trip planning, making sure things are running smoothly.
I also try to keep the communication going between the Austrian office and the crews in NA.
I really enjoy working for the Pirates, Basti and everyone else make me feel I am part of the project. I get to voice my opinions and ideas as well.


You used to produce Snowboard Movies on your own ( Misschief Films: As If! and Ro Sham Bo). How different is it to work for the Pirates now?

I am around guys all the time - a girls dream come through… just kidding….The main difference is that I can contribute to a project and be part of it, but I don’t have to carry the whole weight/responsibilities of making a movie on my shoulders. It’s so nice to work with a team that you can rely on, focus a 100% on your tasks and knowing that everyone else is doing their share of work. l feel like a piece of a puzzle, instead of worrying  about making sure all the puzzle pieces fit together. I have so much respect for the Producers; I know how much work and stress come with creating movies every year,


You are also working for Camp Of Champions, so does that mean you like kids? Is it kind of a Mama Job?

Anytime you are dealing with Snowboarders your kind of dealing with kids :o) I handle the sponsoring, marketing, and video production side of camp. I am also involved with on hill staff hiring for camp each summer. I have been with COC for the past 6 years and every year I can’t wait until camp starts, they are hands down the most fun 4 weeks out of the year. You get to see all your friends and you met people from allover the world. After working all year more on the business side of snowboarding, once camp starts it is so refreshing to hang out with campers all day and see how excited they are about snowboarding. It reminds me how much fun riding is and why it’s worth all the hassle you come across throughout the year. Camp and Pirates give me the opportunity to do what I love, snowboard all year.


You were born and raised in Switzerland? How did you end up in Canada?

I dropped out of school and left Switzerland when I was almost 18 years old. I traveled for a couple of years through Australia and Indo working here and there to get by. March 2000 I ended up in San Diego and somehow decided to go back to School to study Business Administration with Marketing.
Jon Foster was kind of my neighbor and we became good friends, he ended up offering me an Internship at TWS, I ended up interning there for a full year helping out with the website, making video clips for the site and I assisted a with Marketing and Event planning. Through TWS I met Ken Achenbach and he offered me to work for Camp Of Champions year around. Meanwhile Amber Stackhouse and I started Misschief Films. After 5 years of living in SoCal I missed the snow, the mountains, and the season chances, so I decided to move to Whistler.