Filippo Kratter

Who brought you into snowboarding? Have you given him any thanks for his influence?

I kinda discovered snowboarding on my own with Giacomo and it was a few years before we finally got to meet some other riders that helped us to grow. Those guys are Lukas Goller, Kikko Ciapponi, Alberto Clement and in particolar Werner Crazzolara, a hard teacher, but a very good one as well! Props to those guys!

Who was your local hero?

Lukas Goller, Andrea Vecchi, not really locals for me, but Italy is just one big village.


Where and when was your first snowboardpic published? What trick was it? Did you land it?

I think it might have been 1996 and the trick was FS 180 mute stiffy, with blond dyed hair with no beanie on and sunglasses on. Was pretty old school! of course i landed it!!


Where was your first video appearence with what music(local snowboardmovie...)?

I think it was some Italian Video from Livigno's Lele Della Fonte. The name might be "no Excuses" , and i dont  remember the song really, but it must have been some cheap punk from the late 90s!


How did you get your first sponsor?

Giacomo got hooked up the previous summer from nitro, and that winter when the nitro guy came to Sappada to see him riding he noticed me as well, and asked me i wanted a board from them.. Stoked! i think it must have been 1997 at the latest.


Would you still ride as much as you can, if no one would support you (no sponsors, no filmers and photographers) ?

Yes, i belive so, but maybe different kind of stuff... nothing gnarly but just fun stuff!


What is your favourite moment on the mountain?

All of it! And i really like the feeling, after a nice day out there, when you ride down with your friends on the sunset, happy with yourself, conscious of how lucky you are.. gotta love it!


What is the worst time during the time on the mountain?

Maybe when you are nervous before hitting some feature for the first time.. or when the conditions are bad and you struggle to find shit but in the end you just can't.


How important is the time on the mountain for you?

Very much so. I am born in the mountains and i just love to be in the mountains, be it in winter or in summer.


How important is music for you on a snowboardmovie?

Very. I would say it makes AT LEAST 50% of the final product.


Favourite videopart, ever:

Daniel Frank or Perter Line in the old days' MDP, and nowadays i really like the videoparts that Gigi puts together.



Cause he's just so good on every terrain, riding so much diverse shit, have to appreciate that!


Give me your percentage of importance of the following factors to go snowboarding:

Beeing in the nature: 20%
Having a good time with your friends: 70%
Doing your job: 10%


How did you get in contact with the PiRATE project?

Trough Lukas. Thx


How important is it for you to be a part of it?

Very. I always loved this project, tought it was really cool to have an european video that is kicking ass!



Parents, sponsors, friends, and GF, and of course: IUTER FUCKING CREW