Flo Eckhardt

How did you get into filming?

I really got interested in filming when I found an old super8 camera from my parents. I was impressed by the old mechanic metal thing that still seemed to work after being stored for 20 years in the basement.


What different formats have you shot during the years? What is your favourite?

My first camera I shot was a Hi-8 camcorder - later on some miniDV and a lot of super8 rolls. Now I mostly shoot 16mm film what is a more professional format but I am still in love with super8.


What is the biggest difference between shooting analog and digital?

I think the main difference is the money you spend - shooting analog film is much more expensive - the good consequence is that you think more about what and how you make a shot before you pull the trigger.

Have you shot anything besides snowboarding?


Where do you find inspirations for your shots?

I like to watch all snowboard movies out there and learn from the good shots of other camera men.


Is there anything you want to shoot desperately besides snowboarding?

Not now - later when I am old a want to hang on the beach and shoot surfing ;)


Did you attend a school/course to learn your profession?

No -  I learned from my mistakes


What do you like to do beside filming?

I love to snowboard without backpack.


How did you get involved in the PiratesProject?

After a good season in the European alps I ended up on a mobile home trip to Scandinavia with Basti Balser , Tobias Ludescher, Bugs Rida,  Gigi Rüf and Marco Feichtner - that´s where "Pirates"  was born.


Worst part of traveling?

Sometimes I hate to go back home when we just discovered a new paradise.


Best part of traveling?

It´s nice to meet new people , taste different food and shred the best mountains but the best thing about traveling is that it opens your mind and takes away your fear of the unknown.


What’s the worst part of being a filmer?

Going to the best spots in the world and not shredding them.


What’s your opinion on downloading Snowboard movies?

hmmm .....