Florent de Maria

How did you get into dealing with music ?

In 2005, for the 91 Words For Snow soundtrack. Through a combination of circumstances and meetings, I ended up composing the original score for the movie with a friend of mine, and I helped David for one deal. Few months later, I moved to Innsbruck and started as music & French editor at Method during the golden years, when the office was just a giant playground. That year, I worked full-on with Christoph and him on their Gap Session film, but also with Per-Hampus Stalhandske on Misschief's Ro Sham Bo. Best time ever. Since then, I keep doing it and created Midnight, a music production agency, in 2010 with two other friends. They are very nice, but often rude to me.

Where do you get inspiration for your work ?

Everything and everyone. Magazines, movies, blogs, promotional material, Lene, friends, parents, sleep.

Who was your biggest influence ?

I'd say my brother. I wouldn't say it was a very peaceful influence, we got our differences, but he's a human music library. He knows everything and as a normal French guy, he spends his time saying: "Ouais, euh, bof.". But his room was a real Aladdin's cave, so I spent my time sneaking in and stealing records. So, I'm not sure he knows he's a big influence for me. He now lives in Paris and plays in several renown bands. I met or got in touch with many people from the industry through him. I think Frank Zappa made a lot for me as well, we hanged out and smoked a lot together, hehe.

Tell us about your personal approach to make music !

I'm just a messy guy. Everything will start from one keyboard or guitar line and you let it go (not like in Kingston where you close your eyes and throw some "ohoooh" in the air, more like just trying different ideas). I guess everyone has his own way to compose and record, there's no secret. Oh yes, there is one. I always compose in underwear, coming out of bed. Well, this is not a secret anymore.

What is the biggest pain in the ass when it comes down to music rights ?

Oh, this would be the perfect place to name one by one all the fuckers who made my life impossible throughout some deals. There you go, you have your answer!

What's your favorite part about your mission ?

Being paid and get free bras at the premieres. More seriously, when we find a song that fits perfectly to a part, it's such a relief and Basti hugs me. I like hugs.

Since when are you helping out Basti for PirateSoundTracks ?

I think we started to deal with each other's bullshit and misbehavior about 3 years ago. Planning on doing it for many years though, I love my morning skype with him.

Your top 3 bands for snowboard movies ?

Euh, no clue... Swedish House Mafia? Just kidding, I hate that shit... Kalle might like it, right? There's too many bands. Let's just take three current bands from Versailles: Daft Punk, Air and Phoenix?

Top 3 soundtracks in snowboard movies ?

I don't have a particular selection, but I definitely think that the Robot Food ones were the starting point for some more eclectic and versatile soundtracks. And I peed my pants when I heard Supertramp for Devun Walsh's part in That. It fitted so much to the mood, I'm probably too emotional, ah...

Top 3 soundtracks in conventional movies ?

Ah, the question you never wanna answer...
Barbarella, by Bob Crewe & Charles Fox
Casino Royale, by Burt Bacharach
La Planète Sauvage, by Alain Goraguer
Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo, by Ennio Morricone