Florian Bauer

How did you get into filming?

When I was a kid I was into animal documentaries so I wanted to study biology, be out there in the fields and do research. I was not smart enough to study biology.But i always filmed and took photos, so the logical step was to get an animal documentary filmer. I made it! I film with snow animals now.


What different formats have you shot during the years? What is your favorite?

DigiBeta, DII, DVCPRO, Betacam SP, DV, HDV, 8mm and 16mm, my favorite so far. I can’t really say why, maybe it`s this feeling that the camera is analog and not too difficult to understand. If I have a problem, I just open it and repair it. That’s a really good feeling!


What is the biggest difference between shooting analog and digital?

When you work with digital you film everything, you are not picky at all. Later in the capture and editing process you spend hours, sometimes days with getting the shots on the hard drive and separate the keepers from the trash. that fills up your computer. And then the hole, make it look good work, takes double the time.
If you are on the mountain with 16mm camera, you really think more abut every shot, or you should think more at least. The riders also listen more, when you are out there with Film. When a spot is too small in my point of view, I tell them. With digital the answer is always: “Film it, its just digi!” It for sure depends on the riders as well. A fact is with 16mm you get respect from the start, even if you are a crappy filmer.
I personally enjoy the 16 feeling, not to know if the shot works. I’m nervous like a kid on Christmas, till the day of the transfer. You sit in that dark room. All the work rushes by and you get it all: disappointment, lessons and happiness. I just love it.


Have you shot anything besides snowboarding?

Yes, it's hard to rap it up.


Where do you find inspirations for your shots?

Uff! It’s more about getting inspiration to go out there and do it. Even if you have the sickest spot and the sickest angel, if the riders don’t stick it, your shot is worthless. So for me, its more about enjoying the time with friends. The more I enjoy it, the better the shots get. Even an average shot can be the sickest, it depends 80% on the trick.


Is there anything you want to shoot desperately besides snowboarding?

Shooting with animals, real animals.



It’s not so stressy. Believe me, staying with a bunch of lions is easier than being on tour with these guys! Cause Lions sleep when they board.


Did you attend a school/course to learn your profession?

I was in a school for filming and editing. Helped me a lot.


What do you like to do besides filming?

Chilling with my wife, racing my motorcycle and party with the boys.


How did you get involved in the Pirates Project?

I wasn’t asked I was conquered.


Worst part of traveling?

Getting through the security checks at the airport.


Best part of traveling?

Coming home. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel, but I think the best part is to come home and realize that you have a home, especially when you are married!


What’s the worst part of being a filmer?

You can’t take a day off. If you say “uh may back hurts, I can’t go up the mountain” or you have a hangover, there is no shooting that day! U are the only one in the crew that has to work.


What still motivates you?

To work with so many different characters and make it work. It’s a challenge.


Describe your work?

Over all it's 30% filming and 70% social work, no just kidding. But the actual filming is really just 30% of it. There is so much waiting, you wont believe it. So you realy have to have passions.


More or less riders in a crew?

It depends what you are going to shoot. When you do cheese wedges, 4 riders is perfect, because the chance of getting shots is way higher and the landing doesn’t get bombed to fast. If you go and shoot natural hits, pillows or powder turns two would be perfect. So the waiting isn’t endless for the rest of the crew.


Do you think the big amount of filming crews in snowboarding helps the progression of snowboard films or just standardize it?

I think it standardizes it. As a single person it makes it so much harder to be not standard. Sure it gives a lot of talented riders the chance to show up, but it is so much harder for the costumer to see the level of snowboarding.
The second point is, for me at least, that in some production the technique overtakes the snowboarding. All the wire cam and stuff like that, do you really need it to show snowboarding? It is a product of the movie madness going on right now.
Everybody says “Our movie has to be more special” so they throw the money into cranes, wires and so on. Where will it end? Hiring Spielberg to do the movie or what? Some Productions do it really good and use this stuff to show something like the pillow line in the absinthe move.


What’s your opinion on downloading Snowboard movies?

Very hard question. The more people download the movie, the less buy the product. That makes it harder to convince companies to support the project. As a filmer I have to say. The more people see my shot and get satisfied with them the better. But downloaded movies don’t pay my rent and travels so:




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