Halldor Helgason

Who brought you into snowboarding? Have you given him any thanks for his influence?

My brother Eiki Helgason, he know that i'm thankful.

Who was your local hero?

All the main snowboarders that where sick when me and Eiki were starting riding.

Is Iceland the perfect place to grow up as a skateboarder/snowboarder?

No, not really the best place for it, but its good enough for sure if you just want it bad enough!

Where and when was your first snowboard pic published? What trick was it? did you land it?

Man, i don't even know.

Where was your first video appearence with what music(local snowboardmovie...)?

My first snowboard movie was a local movie, called Óreida and the song i used was: Accept - bound to fail

How did you get your first sponsor?

By riding and doing good in some contests at home.

Would you still ride as much as you can, if no one would support you (no sponsors, no filmers and photographers) ?

I probably wouldn't be able to ride as much as now, because now all i do is riding, but if i wouldn't have any sponsors, i'm sure that i would still just be crushing around when i had time for it.

What was your favourite moment on the mountain / in the city?

Doing my first street rail, it was down 8 stairs and i was so scared of it.

What is the worst time during the time on the mountain / in the city?

On the mountain is when its bad weather, in the city is when its raining or super icy.

How important is the time on the mountain / in the city for you?

It's important to me because that what i have always love to do, so im stoked that im still just doing that.

How important is music for you in a snowboardmovie?

It's almost everything, if a snowboard movie has bad songs i always just watch it like 1 time.

Favourite videopart, ever:

JP Walker - Resistance


Because thats what got me stoked on street rails.


Hell no!

Any question you would like us to ask your brother?

whats up bro ?

Any question you like us to ask Gulli?

whats poppin ?



Sponsors, friends, Family, pirates, standard, factor


One word answer game (please just answer with the first word that comes to your mind):
Competition: notthatcool
Powder day: sweet
Double down: sweet
Airplanes: chill
Sled: fun
Beer: fun
Porn: awesome
Wet shoes: love
Eiki: the-man
Gulli: the-man-aswell