Hans Ahlund

Who brought you into snowboarding? Have you given him any thanks for his influence?

Some dude that did a backside air, i never met him again though.

Who was your local hero?

My place is kind of small, but my next door hero is Micke Ek which was the sickest rider RIP, but when i was just starting for sure Ingemar and Johan where kings.

Where and when was your first snowboardpic published? What trick was it? did you land it?

Nosepress which i of course stomped in First issue of transition. Shot by Neuman.

Where was your first video appearence with what music(local snowboardmovie...)?

The first one that count is Railstation B.A.T.L, which is the best video still that ever came out of sweden. And the song was before ist time too, it was Big L „Size em up“ which JP Walker had this year in his video part “THAT“. (And also deadlung had it in his part this year)

How did you get your first sponsor?

Called them up and hasseld them. Dub, Northwave, Palmer

Whould you still ride as much as you can, if noone would support you (no sponsors, no filmers and photographers) ?

I dont think i could but i would for sure try. I love it.

What is your favourite moment on the mountain?

No particular. When i got that good flow evrythings good.

What is the worst time during the time on the mountain?

When i loose the flow.

How important is the time on the mountain for you?

i dont know, i allways have the bet time when i go when i want, which is mostly at evening/night. Which means geting up at 7 in the morning kind of kill my motivation.

How important is music for you on a snowboardmovie?

It what makes the video come alive in a way, so ist pretty dam important.

Favourite videopart, ever:

JP walker Resistance


Its best allround part ever, and that movie and part also changed how the snowboarding was gona be for the next decade or so.

Give me your percentage of importance of the following factors to go snowboarding:

Beeing in the nature: 10
Having a good time with your friends: 90
Doing your job: 0

How did you get in contact with the PiRATE project?

I been seing them around and hangin out whith em some, and me and Basti talked abouut that it would be sinck to be a part of it.

How important is it for you to be a part of it?

I just try to keep it real and put my flavour in thiere and have a good time.


Thanks to all you guys who helped me out in a way or another you know who you are. You are the best. Phaze


Venue, 686, Northwave, Dragon, Haze, Drake, Skullcandy, New era, Agility, Globe,  Junkyard