Jerome Tanon

Why do you shoot digi?

Cause it's the cheapest thing to do when you start in the early 2007's !


Why do you shoot analog?

I just started now with the oldie camera of my grand'pa, i love it. Analog has this "old" miked with this "true" impression that i like... and grain of course.


What medium do you like better and why?

I don't really know, I suppose a really cool quality photo-annual magazine paper.


How did you get into taking photos?

I don't remember already... I was in this big ingeneer school in Lausane and I went WAY to often snowboarding so I got fired. Then I strated taking photos to have souvenirs of sessions, and waching photo-annuals made me think someting like "OUH ! You can do alllllll this stuff with snowboard pictures ? I wana do this !"


When was the point, that you desided that freezing moments was your future?

When I stopped this ingeneer school. Tie-costume and big-car on one side, baggy pants shitloads of travels and adventures and meeting crazy persons from all around the world on the other side... It was a good choice for SHIZZLE !


You always wanted to shoot...(scenerie, portrait of someone, action, ...) :

War photographer.


What are the 3 best and worst things happening to you by beeing a fotografer?

The best : 1.Throwings loads of stuff in dudes's heads for portraits (chiken, beers...etc...) 2. meeting-up with amazing photographers that pushed me to keep on shooting like Matt Georges, Cole Barash, and others that I know only by name. 3. Finally beeing able to create something with my own two hands... so greatfull. The worst now : 1. Having frozen my fingers for a mounth on my first moutain expedition and now they freeze again at the first occasion. 2. Not beeing able to keep my own riding at a decent level. 3. Hmm... damn... I can't find a third one ! Oh Yeah, I found... BEING BROKE ALL THE FUKCING TIME !


When was your first time on the PirateShip?

In February 09 in leogang with Danny, Jocki and Eirik. Crazy dudes for sure !!!


What do you like to shoot next to snowboarding?

I tried kitesurf and bike once but that's all... I don't really keep a camera one me 24/7 wherever I am.