Julia Geissler

How did you get into creating?

I think i don't have a choice. Sleep, make stuff, destroy the evil !

Skateboard / surfboard / snowboard?

Snowboard- for shizzle, skateboard- got a nice deck hangin on my wall :), surfboard- ask me again in a month

Last 3 books you bought?

Dürrenmatt -  die Physiker, Terry Pratchett- Ritter des Wahnsinns..forgot the 3rd one

Best 3 inspirations ?

Johanna Wibmer, old masters, street art ,special people, Dave Chapelle and his Rick James thing.

Best music to listen to while working?

Eagles, fleur earth, j dilla, erykah badu, wu tang and guns n' roses.

Worst thing about beeing an artist?

There's no worst thing, just some things that could be better

Best thing about beeing an artist?, to push yourself mentally and  to have a way to get your mind clear again.

What companies did you work for already?

Nothing big so far.

Any interesting collaborations?

For me yes :) johanna wibmer, sprayers in Salzburg or Graz.