Favourite Negative film:

Kodak, Portra 400


Favourite Dia film:



Favourite BW film:

Kodak T-Max 400


Why do you shoot digi?

To please the web, to move the data fast from A to B and burn my eyes in Photoshop.


Why do you shoot analog?

Basicly, i shoot analog, not to loose my passion for Photography. i love the grain and hate the pixel.

What medium do you like better and why?

Analog, because of it's personal touch. Every shot costs money, so you realy take care what you shoot.


How did you get into taking fotos?

My father gave me the camera of my grandfather. At that time i was realy into filming, what is closely related to photography, so i took the chance to explore this medium.


When was the point, that you desided that freezing moments was your future?

In my last year in grammar school, i desided to follow this direction and put a lot of energy and motivation into it.


You always wanted to shoot...

Wild life.


When was your first time on the PirateShip?

Our first trip to Sweden in '02. After this caravan mission, that took 6 weeks, Basti, Flo, Gigi and me built the boat that is still out there.


What do you like to shoot next to snowboarding?

Friends, nature and sceneries.