Lukas Goller

How did you get into creating?

I remember i liked to draw in kindergarden,i guess i was just drawing snakes for a while. all in colorful stripes. I guess the boost came when i met skateboarding in1990. All the nice graphics where the main thing i attracted me somehow.

Skateboard / surfboard / snowboard?

Everything,but mostly skate and snowboard

Last 3 books you bought?

-animal skeletons
-juxtapoz (illlustration book)

Best 3 inspirations (whatever...artists, nature, etc)?

-music is the first inspiration i have,im so glad im able to hear
-ilustrational art in general like : Andy Howell, Blublu, Banksy, Mode2, pushead, M.C.Escher, V.C.Johnson
-people :mostly it is the aproach of life those people have,that inspires me

Best music to listen to while working?

Lately im listening to: Frittenbude, Beirut, Odd numbers, Bratze, wisdom&slime, Whitey, Rise Against, clickclickdecker

Worst thing about beeing an artist?

Dont know if im much of an artist i like to illustrate.thats i think how you call it-illustrating and than wreck it all up in photoshop....

Best thing about beeing an artist?

Not knowing that you are.

What companies did you work for already?

55DSL, Zimtstern, useless clothes, Nitro snowboards, adidas eywear, Level gloves, bastard clothing, collective movement, madison snowboards, arcadia ceramics, KARE design, LUPO design

Any interesting collaborations?

I guees the guy i collaberate most the last years is Luji himself.