Matt Georges

Favourite Negative film:

Fuji 400VC


Favourite Dia film:

Provia 400, Cross-Processed


Favourite BW film:

Black&White T-Max 400


Why do you shoot digi?

I shot digi for sequences and for specific things like urgent orders or shitty stuff.


Why do you shoot analog?

For the feeling, for the noise when you push the button, for the grain, for the style and because I have a nice drum scan at the Method office.


What medium do you like better and why?

I really like my 2 medium format cameras : Hasseblad for everything and Mamya for macro shots. That’s so sick when you check your roll on a light table. The film is big and you have something in hands… not the same with digi.


How did you get into taking fotos?

I was just shooting whatever for my pleasure and learning how to develop a BW photo in the dark room. It was a really amazing time. I skate since 10 years so I started to shoot my friends and some of them became famous so I got photos published in magazines. My real job is art director and I really like to work graphicly on my own pictures, so I decided to try to do both. Graphic design and photo.


When was the point, that you decided that freezing moments was your future?

When I got a job at Method, as a Photo Editor and when they offer me the opportunity to be one of the Senior photographer of the magazine.


On what magazine cover would you want to see your photo most?

GEO maybe. Just a sick landscape shot from the mountains. But as a European photographer I would be stoked to do the cover of Transworld. Skate or Snow. It’s probably the biggest mag in the world, so…


What are the 3 best and worst things happening to you by beeing a fotografer?

The 3 best things are:
-Discovering the world
-Not having a boring life in a office from 9 to 5.
-Mixing my passions. Snowboard, Skateboard and Photography

The 3 worst things are:

-Being away from my girlfriend, my friends and my family for too long
-Carrying heavy bag in the mountains when the others have fun with the fresh snow
-Shooting photos when I don’t want to shoot. Just because it’s my job.


When was your first time on the PirateShip?

In Saalfelden, in Austria with Lukas Goller and Jocki Koffler in 2006. That was a great day with a lot of powder and a sick light. We shot one big backcountry kicker.


What do you like to shoot next to snowboarding?

Skateboarding, portraits, streets and lifestyle.