Oliver Petznick

How did you get into programming Websites?

It all started when I met  Gerd Moser, who gave me the opportunity to start an apprenticeship as a Developer. Bernd Dorn showed me all the geek tricks and prevented me from walking the plank.


You are DJing from time to time. Do you need this activity as a screensaver?

Yeah sure - I think it's essential to keep the Yin Yang thing alive.


What are other activities that keep you from becoming a cybernerd?

Oh there are a couple of activities - I love water sports like Wakeboarding or Surfing as well as Snowboarding and Trail Biking in the mountains!


What other pages are you working on?

Hm my own Page petznick.at, gigiruef.com, planet-sports.com, oakay.com and many more..


What can we expect to hear in your blogs?

If there are new features or other new cool things goin on in the pirate cyberspace - I will post them in the Blog. Stay tuned!