Stefan Schnappberger

How did you get into filming?

I started filming together with friends. We did little snowboardmovies on mini dv. Just for ourselves. Then I decided to learn to work with filmcameras. And than I began a praktika in a filmproduktion. After that I started with the pirates.


What different formats have you shot during the years? What is your favourite?

The first was mini-dv, then 8mm,16mm 35mm and HD. My favourite format is 16 or 35mm cause I like the look much more then digital. But also the 8mm camera is one of my favorite.


What is the biggest difference between shooting analog and digital?

First of all I would say the look of the film. The colours are more natural than in digital. It’s a lot harder to work with filmcameras, cause the weight that you have to carry around is a lot more then with digital equipment. Also the handling needs more afford then in digital.


Have you shot anything besides snowboarding?

I did a documentation,  image film and other sport movies, for skiing, b.a.s.e.-jumnping. Skateboarding and tv-produktions.


Where do you find inspirations for your shots?

When I’m walking around in the city or nature I get the most inspirations. You just have to keep your eyes open!


Is there anything you want to shoot desperately besides snowboarding?

Girl beachvolleyball!


Did you attend a school/course to learn your profession?

I did a praktika in a film production and learned a lot for myself.


What do you like to do besides filming?

I like to go surfing, but it’s always to less time for that. meet with friends and work on bob’s brigade (my little fashion label).


How did you get involved in the PiratesProject?

Basti asked me on ispo if I would like to work as a cameraman for the pirates. That was 4 1/2 years ago.