Torgeir Stige

How did you get into creating?

I loved to draw as a kid, and in school I was often bored so I was drawing most of the time. hehe..i guess the norwegian education system gave me no choice. It`s not like I have the papers to become a doctor or anything..


Skateboard / surfboard / snowboard?

Skate and snow


Last 3 books you bought?

I got the book about Banksy with some friends of mine, and a book about a Bulgarian streetartist named CAP, and a book on perspective drawing. I really cant figure out perspective drawing!


Best 3 inspirations (whatever...artists, nature, etc)? Music, sunny days and beer maybe?

Best music to listen to while working? Everything that gives me a kick. Music I listen to changes all the time. But I really need music when I work. I'm into electronic music.


Worst thing about beeing an artist?

Lazy days (best and worst).


Best thing about beeing an artist?

To have the freedom to plan your day in the way you like it.


What companies did you work for already?

Eirik Haugo asked me to do two of his promodels so I guess I´ve done some work for Santa Cruz. Besides that I´ve only done small jobs for local companies.


Any interesting collaborations?

One of my friends is an author and another a photographer. We`re trying to put together a book. Hope that will turn out interesting.