Vanessa Andrieux

Why do you shoot digi?

Because it's easier and faster for the distribution.


Why do you shoot analog?

For my pleasure.


What medium do you like better and why?

To work it's easier and cheaper to shoot digi now, but i would always like shooting analog.


How did you get into taking photos?

I was passionate with snowboarding and i wanted to do something that makes me ride more often.


When was the point, that you desided that freezing moments was your future?

I never decided it, i just started and never stop.


You always wanted to shoot...(scenerie, portrait of someone, action, ...)

I like shooting everything that keep my attention.


What are the 3 best and worst things happening to you by beeing a fotografer?

Best : lots of travels, discovering amazing places, beeing on the snow almost everyday.
worst : sore back, heavy bag to carry all the time, no more time to ride for myself


When was your first time on the PirateShip?

This winter was the first time i made a full trip with only pirate riders.


What do you like to shoot next to snowboarding?

Traveling, landscape, portraits, everthing that gives me inspiration.