Viktor Skogqvist

How did you get into the board sports? What was first, the wheels or the goggle?

Tried it out skateboarding and snowboarding when I was really young but that wasn’t so serious. A few years later I picked up skateboarding where I left of and in the wintertime started to snowboard for real.


What riders or crews were the first in front of your lense?

Locals from Falun, like Stefan Helin and Hasse “Bjurs” Johansson.


How did the editing come along?

As soon as I had footage I started to put it together…


How is it to edit your own shots compared to others? Are you more picky?

Yes for sure, I always am a little bit disappointed on my framing, movement and so on...


What can we expect from your side for the upcoming season? Which parts of the project will you be involved in?

I’m going to shoot and do editing, both for the web and the movies.