absolut fun shred

absolut fun shred

Posted by Sani Alibabic about 9 years ago.

The resort we went to was Flachauwinkel and the terrain there we worked with was so sick! We found some good spots with still a bit powder left to build jumps. I don't even wanna know how many cubic meters of snow we moved but it was a lot!

The first two nights we spend up at the resort in a cabin so we were the first ones to hit the slopes. We build four big cheese wedges in a range of only 200 meters. The weather changed so many times from super warm to cold so the snow conditions kept changing too.

One of the jumps didn't really work, weird inrun, short transition and short landing. Arthur was the only one who probably got a shot out of it. Fichtl was trying super hard too but it just didn't work.
At all the other three jumps the landings slid at some point. The first landing triggered by only throwing a snowball! We were still able to hit it and each one of us got something.
I'm calling Arthur "the cat" since I saw him dying two times that day - so he's got 7 of his 9 lifes left. He tried two different double corks and at both tries he did really well but travelled either too far to the left or right where huge trees were. He was super close but I'm stoked he missed both times. Fichtl killed it as usual. He is so good in the backcountry!
The landing of this last one broke off after I hit it the first time. It is really weird this season. We had landings sliding last year too but at that time we at least had a lot of snow. Well, I guess no matter how much snow there is you have to be cautious at all times!

Since all the spots where right there in the resort it was nice that we had the chance to do warm up runs in the park before we worked our way into the backcountry. The "Absolut Park" is super fun. They have a lot of jumps, rails, boxes, a half pipe and even a "Stash" park! There is as well the Chillhouse which offers a sick miniramp, a climbing wall and free wireless! Probably the snowboard friendliest resort in Austria!
All in all I think the trip was fun and it ended up being productive too so we're happy.
Many thanks go to the godfather of Flachau Seppi and my good old Ästhetiker buddy Berntl for all the great help and the nice photos! 
Good times for sure!