Blotto in town!

Posted by Ludschi over 10 years ago.
Who's Blotto? You for sure remember his high class pictures from various Snowboard magazines arround the globe. Maybe you are wondering n...

Kalle in Are

Posted by Kalle Ohlson almost 11 years ago.
I started driving to åre on thuesday 15th of april at 02.00 am, it was foggy wheather and 0° celsius and my lupo is not the best on slipp...

Josh Sherman in Quebec

Posted almost 11 years ago.
This winter the Pirates sent a crew that consisted of myself (Josh Sherman), Mike Casanova, Kalle Ohlsson and 2 filmers Justin and Justin...

Tyler in Austria

Posted by Tyler Chorlton almost 11 years ago.
'So geil hey!' ... Thats what you say in Austria when you're stoked ( also meaning 'horny'...? whatever.. stoked it is!) So, Sonnenkopf ...