Premiere Nürnberg

Posted by Jocki Köffler over 10 years ago.
We had our 3rd week-end of the premiere tour and it continued as it started: Craaaaazy! Lukas Goller, Matty, Oli and me were heading to o...

Big Bear Premiere

Posted over 10 years ago.
Last Saturday Pirates premiered Overseas in the States for the first time. Me and Mike Casanova were there after Hot Dawg and Handrails c...

Overseas Premiere Dornbirn

Posted by Oliver Petznick over 10 years ago.
Yeah dudes and dudesses! The second premiere is done and it was sold out again. Like every year this stop in Dornbirn is one of our favou...

Pirate Podcast World Premiere Video

Posted by Ludschi over 10 years ago.
If you wanna stay up to date with the Pirates Project, you can subscribe to our PodCast. We will show you more about what's happening at ...

Overseas World Premiere

Posted by Tyler Chorlton over 10 years ago.
Duuuuuuude! What a night… The Overseas WorldPremiere in Hafen Innsbruck went off! 1600 people of all faces and many places showed...

Pirates world Premiere coming up!

Posted by Danny Larsen over 10 years ago.
Wohoo!!! I'll be heading down to Innsbruck in Austria on Saturday day to attend the world premiere of our brand new film Overseas. It's a...

Interview with Ludschi

Posted by Danny Larsen over 10 years ago.
I felt like interviewing people for my blog, and my buddy over at Pirate Movie Production came straight to mind. He's an artistic soul an...