Londonisity with Tyler and Fabia

Posted by Fabia Laura Grüebler over 10 years ago.
Wednesday Oct 23 we entered the Big Smoke aka London! After a few days of wondering around at the Metro Ski Show promoting Overseas, we m...

Space needle drifter

Posted by Gigi Rüf over 10 years ago.
Mankind wrote the date 3rd of October. My day started regular with getting up and hunting down breakfast. I was not familiar with the hun...

Premiere Oslo

Posted by Danny Larsen over 10 years ago.
Finally the Weekend of unholy party obligation is over. We just had the two Scandinavian Pirate premieres in Norway and Sweden, and I'm t...


Posted by Gigi Rüf over 10 years ago.
A cult cinema in an imposing palace built in Warsaw under communism by the Russians. Poland's capital, Warsaw - and only 318 seats in the...

USA with Basti and Björn

Posted by Basti Balser over 10 years ago.
After a couple of Premiers in Europe, it was time to fly over the Atlantic to be part of some of the "Overseas" viewings overseas..... N...

Learning trix at Tux

Posted by Tyler Chorlton over 10 years ago.
Ok so we realise what with the premiere season on and all, the website was overloaded with party pictures exposing our waistedness to the...

Premiere München

Posted by Jocki Köffler over 10 years ago.
In the begining of October it was time for our premieres in Munich and Stuttgart. Bugs, Tyler and me headed from Innsbruck towards Munich...

Götheborg Premiere

Posted by Danny Larsen over 10 years ago.
After setting Oslo on fire we got in the car 11 AM on Saturday and started our trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. First we picked up Jocki and M...

Stuttgart with Tyler and Jocki

Posted by Tyler Chorlton over 10 years ago.
Man Stuttgart Pirate premiere.. What the hell!? To be perfectly honest I totally can not remember anything after 3am… I was told by homie...

Emeric cookin shrooms

Posted by Emeric Front over 10 years ago.
after loing night of editing need to have fresh air so we went for little walk with the dog on forest track right time for mushroom let s...