Pirates in Viking land - part #2

Posted by Tyler Chorlton over 9 years ago.
Tyler Chorlton is back with his second half of their snowboard trip to Norway - read what happened to Danny Larsen, Marco Feichtner and E...

Pirates in Viking land - part #1

Posted by Tyler Chorlton over 9 years ago.
Follow the Pirates on their spring snowboard trip to Norway - read about the ups and downs Marco Feichtner, Danny Larsen, Eirik Haugo an...

fighting the storm

Posted by Jerome Tanon over 9 years ago.
Jerome Tanon is talking about the Norway spring crew, that had issues with the weather. But it seems to be productive too...

VAL SENALES - roope tonteri video itw

Posted by Ludschi over 9 years ago.
Roope Tonteri won the world rookie fest so he could go on a one week filming trip with the Pirate snowboard crew. Follow Roope and Pirate...

Soelden kicker slaughter

Posted by Flo Eckhardt over 9 years ago.
It was a big crew hitting this big booter. Check out the blog with spring session feeling!

wet suits for snow fruits

Posted by Justin Hare over 9 years ago.
When bad weather hit Riksgränsen, our boys went to surf. Yes, i'm not kidding. Read for yourself how the mission changed.

Ten toes travel

Posted by Clement Maillet over 9 years ago.
Read the second half of Clement's blog on the spring jib mission through Sweden with Mike Casanova, Hans Ahlund and Basti Balser.

Grilo and the sled

Posted by Marko Grilc over 9 years ago.
See what happens, when Drew Fuller and Marko Grilc enter the backcountry with sleds. Slovenjan skills don't work...