Tyler showing JR @ home

Posted by Tyler Chorlton about 9 years ago.
Tyler was throwing down a spontaneous premiere @ Nemo Bar el Tarter in Andorra! Yeah right, getting wasted without paying taxes...dude

Winter Awards 2009

Posted by Viktor Skogqvist about 9 years ago.
Pirates cleaned up Swedish Winter Awards 2009! Check out Viktor's version of the press release...


Posted by Jerome Tanon about 9 years ago.
This was our first movie screening for students...Eve was the location, Grenoble the city where JollyR went showed up.

Bavarian Pfarrkirchen

Posted by Jocki Köffler about 9 years ago.
Last weekend was a big 15 Years Anniversary of Trendsport Inferno Snowboard Shop...and JollyRoger was representing!

Carlos is back

Posted by Carlos Blanchard about 9 years ago.
Carlos is back in Innsbruck! he has been home in Spain and made a hiking trip to Nepal. Check out his beautiful pictures of mountains and...

Lienz Kaffee Klatsch

Posted by Jocki Köffler about 9 years ago.
East Tirol is quite an outsider part of Austria. It's hard to reach but once you are in the valley it's good times for sure! We've been t...

Vienna Schnitzel Fritten deluxe

Posted by Ludschi about 9 years ago.
The first pirate got swine flew. We know, that's pretty lame news, but still it influenced our premiere in Vienna last weekend...

Cologne chocolate

Posted by Jocki Köffler about 9 years ago.
Tom from Switchstance Recordings and his crew have been helping us with our premieres for years already...Jocki was the one representing ...

Winner of the Gigi Tee Contest

Posted by Gigi Rüf about 9 years ago.
... and the winner is ...