shaping spring slush

Posted by Ludschi almost 9 years ago.
The only good part of slushy conditions is shaping jumps. This is an easy task. Damüls was the spot for shaping trannies and the crew was...

Banging Umea part #2

Posted by Basti Balser almost 9 years ago.
Check out what happened in Umea...the boys found a spot at the local Chinese restaurant that was quite a mission.

Pirates welcome Coin-Coin

Posted by Clement Maillet almost 10 years ago.
Pirates proudly welcome the French Gérome Matthieu to the crew !

Banging Umea

Posted by Basti Balser about 9 years ago.
With the amount of snow falling in Umea the last weeks, it was not a to hard call to follow our freshly married Pirate Hans Ahlund and co...

absolut fun shred

Posted by Sani Alibabic about 9 years ago.
This last week Marco Feichtner, Arthur Longo, Flo Eckhardt, our photog Basti Gogl and I left for a road trip to Salzburg on a search for ...

Avoriaz : back to the zoo !

Posted by Clement Maillet about 9 years ago.
Read what happened to our crew filming in the French part of the alps : Tyler Chorlton, Danny Larsen, Kalle Ohlson and Clement Maillet ki...

Sani Alibabic gets buried in avalanche

Posted by Sani Alibabic about 9 years ago.
Read Sani´s blog on how he got buried in a small avalanche while filming in Austria - also watch the video how he got rescued!

talking treasure

Posted by Justin Hare about 9 years ago.
Jeff Hawe was following our scandy crew in the states and wrote a blog for us. Check his pics and words that might remind you of Jonny th...

Brokeback mountain Montafon

Posted by Danny Larsen about 9 years ago.
It was a pretty fucked start for Gulli's backcountry season...first jump, first try to stone landing. Thank god his back didn't break all...