HOOKED premiere tour recap

Posted by Basti Balser about 8 years ago.
For anybody who missed the tour: here we go with a recap of the 2010 Pirate-Movie-Production "Hooked" Premiers in Europe!

ArtBookShow iBK - Wrap up

Posted by Ludschi about 8 years ago.
This clip is about our first Pirate ArtBOOK Show in Innsbruck. The remarkable location is called Bäckerei and is as variable as the Pirat...

Hooked Wins Best Cinematography

Posted by Travis Limoge over 8 years ago.
Hooked Takes Home Best Cinematography at the Summit Action Sports Film Fest!

ArtBookShow Innsbruck - Opening night

Posted by Ludschi over 8 years ago.
After years of shows in big cities, it was finally time to show our ArtBook collection in Innsbruck our home turf ..

LuLu and Pirates in Milano

Posted by Ludschi over 8 years ago.
Eventually It was my first trip to Milano, but with a good mission in the bag. It was time to set up our "LuLu and Pirates" (LukasLudschi...

North America: Pillaged and Plundered

Posted by Travis Limoge over 8 years ago.
The Pirates sailed the high seas to North America this November and took the Country by storm!