Björn Overseas

Björn Overseas

Posted by Björn Hartweger about 11 years ago.

This winter started up crazy! During november and december it was snowing realy hard and i had a lot of mindblowing powderdays already befor the season started.
I had to wait for the next years boards untill ending of december before i could start filming. My boards came and i was ready to start a new season doing what i like the most during wintertimes! but but....the Powdergod took a little holliday and the promesing  winterstart arround europe turned into a snowhungry january.

So again the pirates had to make a plan about where to find the powder. It did´nt take long and i found my self sitting in a plain to San Francisco. Sani Alibabic was already waiting for me on the airport. he catched a urlier flight and had already checkt a rental car for our drive to Salt Lake City(UTAH). Somewhere in between Frisco and Salt Lake City, we picked up Sani's sled. It took us a while untill we managed to get that sled on the truck but in the end we got it all sorted out.

We had a long way to go and short time to get there, so as soon we had that red Yamaha thing on the trunk we straight continued on the never ending amrican countryside roads towards S.L.C. 6h later we arrived in S.LC. but we had to meet up with our filmer Justin Hare in a town 90min out side of S.L.C. called Logan. so we went there.

The day after turned out to be a sick day, so we got up urly and drove a few more miles up the road, where we unloaded the sleds. After a nother 10min sled ride we came to the first rideable strucktures, and it looked sick. sani and me where pretty tired of all that traveking, so we decided to more or less just jeck the area, gett used to the sleding and all that.   Breezie, Sherman, Casanova, Kristensen had already a halve done jumt waiting for them. after a nother 30min shaping the jump was ready to hit, and they had a nice session going on. After a long day of sleding and diging out the sled, it was time to go back to logan.

i think that was the last time Sani was sledding with open wentilations, the day after and the following 10 days he had to lie in bed! The next day´s the weather got worse and it started to snow heavely, becaus there was no window day coming up all the other riders left town, so than it was just Sani, Justin and me. From than on it was all about bad weather shredding! Hipp deep, crazy spraying  pow everyday, but as good as no visebility.  Sani got better again and the weather as well. Dan Breezie and Justin Turkovski joind us for a last nice kicker session in the logan backcountry where we had found this nice steppdown from a rock into a landing between a nother rock to the left and some trees to the right. it worked out good and everybody was happy to have stomt something.

it was time to pack again, so we did, left logan and headed up north towards montana...