Bottom Line World Premiere

Bottom Line World Premiere

Posted by Ludschi over 6 years ago.

Here we go with our world premiere photo gallery from last weekend's BottomLine release!
After an important healthy dinner with the crew we were heading to the Hafen where the party was about to explode. Just like in the last decade of PMP a massive crowd was showing up to check out the newest release and celebrate with us! More than 1500 visitors including everybody from the crew was revel the new season to come and digesting last winter's output. The Dj Line up was outstanding and quite international with acts from NYC (Dj Adog), Moscow (FlammableBeats), Manchester UK (Dj Silver & McLongman) as well as Innsbruck (DjCollective Wax Wreckaz)! Dj Pirumov and Dj Tactics were opening with Raggae, HipHop and Dubstep until Dj Adog was in charge of the warm up for the flick. After the movie and the traditional freeStuff avalanche the Wax Wreckaz were showcasing wicked mashup tunes, while Longman and Silver execrated the speed up with their Drum&Base flavored orgy.

Thanks for coming by to celebrate our 10th anniversary of the crew…big ups for your motivation!

For everybody that couldn't make it to Europe's Snowboard capital, check for the premiere tour list and see you soon!

Thanks for the shots by Armin Popp & Droidy