Cowboy Country

Cowboy Country

Posted by Justin Hare over 8 years ago.


Juuso, Botner, Stian and I were sad to leave our comfy rooms at the Firelight Lodge on Kings Beach but a rise in temps meant it was time to saddle up and head east of the Sierras.  We'll be back as soon as it snows and recommend the Firelight Lodge to anyone looking for a spot to stay while enjoying North Lake Tahoe.

After a few hours on the computer looking at weather forecasts and studying maps of snowmobiling areas and we had a plan.  Juuso and Botner had a long list of things to take care of before they could actually leave Cali so I set off to meet an old friend and Stian followed a day later.  The two of us spent a couple days in graybird weather trying to navigate deep snow and tight trees on snowmobiles in search of new spots.  All we found were moose, and steep gullies to get stuck or even worse, buried in by the sketchy snowpack.

Finally, after many miles on bumpy trails, and plenty of let downs, our luck turned around and we found an incredible area to get busy in.  It's a good thing too because Stian was about to kill me after following me up too many random trails because I thought I knew something!  Juuso and Botner arrived with their fancy new trailer and sled setup and we started stacking jumps (and helping Botner dig his sled out).  We've got sun in the forecast and more landings than we can handle so stay tuned for some Go Pro video action in the next few days!