First days for Elias Elhardt

First days for Elias Elhardt

Posted by Elias Elhardt almost 10 years ago.


Hi there,


I just got back home from my first days of filming with the Pirates crew. I was in a Crew, with Juuso Laivisto and Gigi Rüf. It was really good to be out there with these guys and we ride some epic powder. In the beginning it was snowing all the time, so we filmed in the forest to get some contrast. At Silvretta Nova we did a pretty funny Tree Jip and a nice clif line up at Arlberg. At the last day we went to Arlberg again and had blue bird and one meter fresh powder. Unfortunately Juuso hurt his elboe on a rock that day (Hope you get better soon!). Gigi and I had a good time riding lines and jumping some cliffs.


Although the past days were also a bit disillusioning for me, to see, that the time we're actually riding our board isn't the biggest part of the day at all. Most of the time we were searching for spots, hiking or shoveling. I also realized, that concerning filming, there's still a lot to learn for me. For example, it's crazy how different a face can look from top than from infront and it's not always easy to find the line you planed through this face... Anyways, I feel like I learn a little bit every day and I'm stoked to be around with these experienced riders. All in all I'm just so happy to film for the Pirates now and I'm looking forward to all the good sessions, partys and powderdays to come....

ride save greetz Elias Elhardt

Thanx to Basti Gogl / Snowboarder MBM for the action shots