Group shots in AK - part 2

Group shots in AK - part 2

Posted by Marco Feichtner almost 9 years ago.


Pirate AK trip part 2:


After our week in and around Anchorage it was time to head out to Valdez!

The drive is a good 5 to 6 hours so we thought we'd break up the journey and go see a glacier on the way. A man called Bill took us up on the back of his sled along with his riffle incase any bears would be hanging around...The sight as you can see was pretty amazing...

Finally in Valdez it turned out we were staying in the same place as everyone doing the Tailgate so it was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some true legends.

The weather was on our side for this week, unfortunately a couple of days into filming and getting to know the area our Kamchatkanamerican/mechanic/shuttler/partyleader/mega dude Sergey hurt his knee and had to head back to Anchorage to see the doc...hope it won't be bad news.

After Sergey left that's when the chaos started to happen... on the first morning out Pacha and I both managed to role our sleds and send them flipping down the mountain and Arthur managed to drive his sled through the back window of our truck while loading up...

Not bad guys...Eventually as always the bad weather was about to role in so Pasha told us we're going on a boat ride for Arthur's farewell to Mammoth and to celebrate Marco's birthday!