it´s time to go home!

it´s time to go home!

Posted by Marco Feichtner about 8 years ago.

Hi guys! How are you?!

I am on my way back from my 1,5 month trip to US! I will be home on thursday night!

Here is a short overview from my trip! I hope you had time to checkout the three blogs what we put out - if not please check out , "the mountain menu" and "The long haul"!

I traveled to the US on the 4th of january to start shooting for the new Pirate movie and it turned out to be one of the best trips in my whole snowboarding carrier!

We found tons of snow, crazy terrain ( perfect for my riding style) and a nice and mellow crew! Sledding in one meter of powder (so much fun) and so fucked up if you get stuck! We met super nice people ( helpful and friendly) - we stayed the most of the time in bill's house!

The not so fun part of my trip: It was cold as hell (we had between -20 to -35 Celsius degrees for some days) since this days I have no feeling in my right toe. To many slednecks (two or more spots got tracked by those guys!!)

Today is the 14th of february and iam happy to travel back home to get some resting days!

Big thx to Justin for showing us around and organizing everything! I am for sure traveling back to this spot!!


All the best!