Loosing it

Loosing it

Posted by Björn Hartweger about 8 years ago.

After a long 2500km car ride though 4 countries we made it up to Hans Ålund´s hood Umeå (Sweden), where we (Heiko, Marc, Björn) met up with the rest of the crew (Howzee, Danny and Hans). Through the bad snow conditions in the Alps we were pretty glad to see some fresh pow there, even without mountains around. It was nice to see over 50cm of snow beside the roads and in the city where we planed to stay for the next couple of weeks.


It was nice to be up here and even nicer when we heard that it started to rain at home…..we started doing our thing.. searching spots, discussing about how we should do it, shoveling snow…..shoveling snow…setting the light, carrying  the grinch on some breath taking locations…and hoping for the best.


It was all running on pretty good…. except on two days…
One morning during our spot-checking Hans "the riot" Åhlund passed a red light with the police in his back, what caused the loss of his driving license.
A day or two later, our helper and grinch master "Lil Eric" put his finger into the chain of the grinch while I was pulling out the rope, which caused that his f..k finger got 1 cm shorter…ouch since that we call the pull in machine "finger muncher" and eric "Stumpen"….

(shots by Björn and Howzee)