PR Pirates gone wild

PR Pirates gone wild

Posted by Kalle Ohlson over 9 years ago.

Me, Danny, Sani and Fabia flew over to California to do some PR for the Pirates. While hanging out iin LA we hooked up with the Us guys, Drew Fuller and Josh Sherman. We all did a radio show (National Lampoon's Zaz Report on XM Radio)  that was really fun actually, we talked about all kinds of weird stuff and a good  quote from drew on the radio show while we were discoussing boobs: "european chicks have these floppy pancake tittys" hahahha, what the hell!?? really do they? havn´t really noticed that I guess.... later that day we cruzed down to San Clemente and Oceanside to do an online interview with Snowboarder Mag and visit our friends at TWS.

Next day we went on fuel tv for a show called the daily habit. it was not as crazy as the radio show but fun, Josh even got to show everybody some real Ninja moves!
After the daily habit show we said piiiz out to the American dream (josh) and Drew Fuller, and went to Mammoth for their opening weekend and also off course we had an Overseas premiere there! People were really stoked on the party and  the movie and so were we! Free Wodka all night and Monster… we had the one and only MFM spinning at the party to, hell yeah! I had a small problem with only being 20, since you need to be 21 to get in. at the premiere it was no problem but then we all went to another place to party and the security dude was not cool with me not having an id card with me... after some talking I realized he wouldn´t let me in so I did one last try and went in american style: "sorry bro but I need to go in now" and I just walked in, it actually worked!! haha. stoked!

since we were all jetlaged we woke up at 6 am the next morning all ready to hit the park, it was blue bird and the park is so much fun there, to bad the lift tickets are freekin 80 bucks, specially for sani who did one run, slipped on the first box and hit his head and back and that was it for sanis day... damn. me and danny kept on riding the whole day, it´s crazy how good those damn california people have it, snow, good park always blue bird and warm, back home it´s lik 0 celsius almost always dark and no snow.... lame!

Next day, when we checked out the guy at the front desk gave me my bill and everything as always,, I had a quick look at it and saw 100 bucks for smoking in a non smoking room. me sani and danny were in that room and non of us smoke, so I just told him there is no way that we smoked in the room, since the guy was a retarded asshole he wouldn´t belive me, after a while he said that he smelled weed in the hallway the night before but he had no clue who it was so he just charge everybody with long hair and a snowboard.... I ended up not paying for it though, and he was so pissed of at us, and got even more pissed of at him cause honestly non of us are smokers....

it´s been an awsome trip, now I´m sitting on the plane on my way home again to sweden, hopefully I´m gonna start filming later this week!

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