Season Greetings from Silvretta Montafon

Season Greetings from Silvretta Montafon

Posted by Gigi Rüf about 7 years ago.

We visited Marco Feichtners home riding the Silvretta Montafon resort - incredible four days where nature put on her nicest white dress to welcome us. The first day we were already jumping and turning to what we would call a good start of filming in December. The following days turned out  to be even better while the weather forecast predicted more snowfall.


Marco took us to a spot where we had to take speed from the slope to jump a gap into a banked landing. The session was on and the first trix got nailed down when suddenly a random snowboarder aimed for our jump and bombed in the middle of the gap!  We were furious about this action but in the end we let him go without physical violence. The session continued but then the grass started to show in the landing so we had to downsize our jumping.

The next day 8 hours of sun were forecasted and when we stepped out of the gondola at the top of the mountain we were fascinated how everything reflected in the sun. I couldn't wait and took speed for an eye candy pow turn. Probably the spray turned on the snow shower again so we went back into the woods for more visibility.


Over night we got another 30cm on top and from there on we knew that this was the best season start ever but also got worried about the avalanche danger so we would not go out of bounds. Marco showed us some cat track gaps and we played it save enjoying some maneuvers into the deep snow. Marco wanted to step up the game and found a bigger version to jump over the cat track - he landed everything and meanwhile I was hiking up higher to take a deep snow run through the trees.


We were all pretty tired after four days hiking but there was one more day left before we all planned to go home for Christmas. When we woke up another half meter of fresh was added on top! Now we were really afraid of the avalanche situation and as roads around this region started to get closed we decided to leave as fast as possible so everybody could  spend Christmas at home. Thanx to Marco for sharing all the excitement that Silvretta Montafon can offer!

May it also snow where you are!