New Zealand 2008

Posted by Gigi Rüf over 10 years ago.
Avast! There is an Island, sweet as cheers mate. Thinking my head is going to explode from the Headrush I was going to endure over the fo...

Dan in Alaska

Posted over 10 years ago.
After the shredding season wrapped up, I went up with Melissa (my Fiance) to Alaska to do some Salmon fishing. Her dad, Joe, has six fis...

Norway with Schnipfl

Posted by Stefan Schnappberger over 10 years ago.
Before I started my trip to Norway I thought, another long three weeks in a cold and rainy country. But as danny Larsen picked me up at t...

Greetings from Serfaus!

Posted by Sani Alibabic over 10 years ago.
Coming back from an awesome trip to the Pyrenees. Marko, Eirik and me gathered with the rest of the dudes, which was Lars Oesterle, Kalle...

Emeric building his house

Posted by Emeric Front over 10 years ago.
Well, i had the project "building a house with my father". I will have a floor to myself to make my flat and my father has his own floor...

Camp of Champions Pt. 2

Posted by Tyler Chorlton over 10 years ago.
We had a PIMP house to stay in courtesy of COC, frequently visited by young bears but that's what you have to expect in Whistler... Don'...

Port Royal 18th of July

Posted by Jocki Köffler over 10 years ago.
The Port Royal crew invited all motivated party people outta Innsbruck town again to celebrate a unique party were the Dance Hall Queen...

Camp of Champions Part 1

Posted by Tyler Chorlton over 10 years ago.
The Pirate Crew (YAW YAW!!) met up in Vancouver in June and were lucky enough to find themselves there on national skateboard day! There...

Intro Making Of

Posted by Ludschi over 10 years ago.
Also this year, we have the challenge to step it up with analog animations for our movies. It's not only the stop motion that blows our ...

Blotto in town!

Posted by Ludschi over 10 years ago.
Who's Blotto? You for sure remember his high class pictures from various Snowboard magazines arround the globe. Maybe you are wondering n...