40 Seconds


40 sec slams Gigi+Manuel

Posted by Flo Eckhardt. about 5 years ago.
What goes up must come down! Most of the time things go well and the stuntman rides away smooth. But sometimes shit goes wrong and you ne...
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40 sec slams - Elias Elhardt

Posted by Flo Eckhardt. about 5 years ago.
Have you seen Elias part in Distorted Reality? We know it looks like ice cream all day but that´s just an illusion - in this pirateTV edi...
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40 sec slams Werni+Fichtl

Posted by Flo Eckhardt. about 5 years ago.
There is no chicken without a egg and there is no video part without a beating! Check out how much Marco Feichtner and Werni Stock had to...
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40 secs - SLAMS round 4

Posted by Hans Ahlund. about 6 years ago.
This is another round of good riders kissing the snow. Not only the Unique8, but also other riders that came along the session ate it: Ma...
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40 secs - Umeå warm up

Posted by Kalle Ohlson. over 6 years ago.
Follow Kalle Ohlson and Ludde Lejkner through their warm up session back in spring at a trash yard in Umeå, Sweden. These shots didn't ma...
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40 secs - SLAMS round 3 Rüf vs Longo

Posted by Gigi Rüf. over 6 years ago.
Everybody needs a good old fashioned crash sometimes. It wakes you up and reconnects you to your body and mind...but it can be painful to...
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