Behind the trick


Kalle Ohlson slam to hospital

Posted by Flo Eckhardt. about 5 years ago.
Filming a video part means taking high risks to get an outstanding shot - sometimes it works sometimes you get worked.
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Behind The Trick - Gigi tucknee spins

Posted by Gigi Rüf. over 6 years ago.
As you can imagine Gigi Rüf has a mind blowing part in Unique8, the best Pirate Movie to date. He's got all tricks in the box including s...
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Behind The Trick - Chris Sörman

Posted by Chris Sörman. over 6 years ago.
Chris Sörman was out on a single mission at Mt.Baker with the goal to stomp a banger. He was concentrated as usual, working hard on his p...
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Behind the Trick - Werni

Posted by Werni Stock. almost 7 years ago.
This new Pirate TV Channel doesn't need an introduction. Watch Werni Stock working on filming his movie part and find out how much effort...
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