Still Boardbagged - Canada

Posted by Flo Eckhardt. almost 7 years ago.
This edit was made for the travel impression snowboard movie called "Still Boardbagged" in 2007. Follow our crew tripping through Canada ...
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Still Boardbagged - Russia

Posted by Ludschi. about 7 years ago.
This Boardbagged episode is all about Krasnaya Polyana - Sochi and was shot in 2007. Thanks to our good connections via Dimi Fesenko we c...
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Still Boardbagged - Alps

Posted by Basti Balser. about 7 years ago.
The Alps is where we live and what we call home. This is a portrait from 2007 including skate action by Innsbruck local Manuel Margreiter.
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Still Boardbagged - China

Posted by Ludschi. about 7 years ago.
This boardbagged edit was shot in 2007 while visiting the Nanshan Open. Thanks to our main man Steve we could take a closer look at the c...
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