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4FunFun - at A&S with Gigi Rüf

Posted by Gigi Rüf. about 6 years ago.
Welcome to PirateTV Season 2! It is all about 4FUNFUN in this one... Those who made the first day of the burn style session at the 20th b...
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Spotlight on Sven Thorgren

Posted by Ludschi. about 6 years ago.
This edit is all about the W I N N E R of last year's Rookie Challenge - SVEN THORGREN ! He came by the Pirate's HQ in Innsbruck last spr...
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Tech Talk - Matt Georges part 2

Posted by Matt Georges. about 6 years ago.
This is the second part of Matt George's TechTalk on PirateTV! He's showing you his backpack with the magic photo gear that transforms hi...
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B-Roll feat. Marco Feichtner

Posted by Marco Feichtner. about 6 years ago.
Marco "Fichtl" Feichtner is a machine when it comes to back country riding! You might have seen his part in Unique8 already, but these sh...
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4FunFun - Slashing in Chile

Posted by Gigi Rüf. about 6 years ago.
The newest edit from Pirate TV should get you hyped for the weekend shred! Flo Eckhardt was following the Nike team to Chile and brought ...
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40 secs - SLAMS round 4

Posted by Hans Ahlund. about 6 years ago.
This is another round of good riders kissing the snow. Not only the Unique8, but also other riders that came along the session ate it: Ma...
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