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Tech Talk - Ludde Lejkner's Jib Van

Posted by Ludschi. over 6 years ago.
When you're out shooting urban snowboarding you eventually need a lot of gear. During the Pirate's spring mission through Scandinavia Lud...
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40 secs - SLAMS round 2 Stock vs Sörman

Posted by Werni Stock. over 6 years ago.
This is the second PMP slam part edit featuring beautiful slams from Werni Stock and Chris Sörman while filming for Unique8, the latest r...
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Tech Talk - Howzee

Posted by Flo Eckhardt. over 6 years ago.
Dominic Zimmermann aka HOWZEE is a well known photographer in the snowboard scene and we are always stoked if he follows us on the mounta...
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Behind The Trick - Chris Sörman

Posted by Chris Sörman. over 6 years ago.
Chris Sörman was out on a single mission at Mt.Baker with the goal to stomp a banger. He was concentrated as usual, working hard on his p...
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40 secs - SLAMS round 1 Feichtner vs Ohlson

Posted by Marco Feichtner. over 6 years ago.
Marco and Kalle are two hard workers and solid stompers but both take a beating once in a while. This is a reminder that flying high and ...
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BTS - Gigi and the beaver dam jump

Posted by Gigi Rüf. over 6 years ago.
This edit brings us back to one of Gigi Rüf's favorite jumps ever > the beaver dam! Watch the clip and find out why this rocket launch...
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